Annual Report

    Annual Reports

    Annual Report 2022

    In January 2020, we announced a transformational Re-organisation to create distinct operating groups, each with a clear and differentiated strategy for growth.

    Each group is Forging a Bold Future by optimising their expertise, capabilities, and resources to capitalise and service growing opportunities in their respective market. We have continued to  pursue our plan through 2022.

    Chairman’s Letter

    Standing firm on our solid foundations, differentiated business model and track record, the Group continued to forge ahead with our Re-organisation Plan so as to deliver sustained long-term growth and value creation for stakeholders.

    Lim Ah Doo Chairman, Non-Executive and Independent Director
    Group CEO's Review

    We achieved another strong year through the extraordinary efforts of our employees, as well as the partnerships we continue to forge with customers, communities and stakeholders.

    Sunny Verghese Executive Director, Co-Founder and Group CEO

    Our Capitals

    Across our footprint, we create value for Olam and our stakeholders by investing in our non-financial Capital. Our management of these can enhance or erode value, as well as strengthen or affect trust with stakeholders.

    Read about how we determine what’s material to our business and the important collaborations which help us make positive and marked impact. 

    Human Capital
    Human Capital

    The talent, skills and inspiration of our workforce, and our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace where their rights are respected.

    Natural Capital
    Natural Capital

    The land, water, biodiversity and other ecosystem services required for food, feed and fibre crops to grow.

    Intellectual Capital
    Intellectual Capital

    The knowledge and IP that we create to keep us ahead of our competitors.

    Social Capital
    Social Capital

    The relationships we forge and nurture with suppliers and communities where we operate, for long-term commercial success.

    Manufactured Capital
    Manufactured Capital

    The equipment, tools, and infrastructure owned, leased or controlled by our organisation and required to serve our customers.

    Intangible Capital
    Intangible Capital

    The trust in our brand and our reputation which helps establish stakeholder partnerships. 


    The Risk Office monitors, controls, and reports on the key risks across the business. 

    Response to the TCFD
    Response to the TCFD

    Olam is committed to ensuring transparency and action around climate-related risks and opportunities. 

    Group of young people in an office
    Sustainability Finance

    Multi-capital accounting goes beyond financial accounting, and helps organisations become more resilient while also contributing positively to the world.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When is the annual report published?

    The annual report is typically published before mid-April for the Annual General Meeting to be held before the end of the month.  

    Is it possible to obtain a hard copy of the annual report?

    In place of a hard copy of the full annual report, shareholders receive by mail a hard copy of a summary report, which contains a request form for shareholders to receive a hard copy of the annual report for the current issue and/or for future issues. Shareholders or members of the public may also write in to to request a hard copy to be despatched to their local Singapore address by mail. 

    Do you publish a separate Sustainability Report?

    We have adopted the Integrated Reporting framework for the Annual Report. Details on our approach to Sustainability and our achievements and targets can be found in the same report. You may view our Global Reporting Initiative report which contains more Sustainability information than the Annual Report and SASB Disclosure Index report.

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